Services in the sphere of bankruptcy of the corporation and individual business.


  • Reasons to initiate processing of bankruptcy.
  • Reasons for subsidiary liability.
  • Analyses of financial-economic activity.

Preparing of application on economic insolvency (bankruptcy):

  • Preparation of petition by the Debtor or of an application on economic insolvency (bankruptcy) of the Creditor.
  • Introduction of documents to Arbitration court.
  • Introduction of documents to a self regulating organization.
  • Attendance to Arbitration court during the legal investigation of case of bankruptcy.
  • Representation of interests and participation in court session.

Assistance in selection of a candidate of court-appointed manager for participation in the process of economic insolvency (bankruptcy).

  • Consultation in selection of court-appointed manager and participation in court session when considering issue of appointment of court-appointed manager.
  • Participate in the proceedings on the arbitration court's ruling on the introduction of monitoring, bankruptcy proceeding, financial rehabilitation and bankruptcy proceeding.

Representing and protecting of interests of the Creditor as part of economic insolvency (bankruptcy):

  • Preparing of the Creditor’s exactions.
  • Appeal of the actions of the court-appointed manager.
  • Preparation of requirements to exclude the Creditor property from the Debtor's property.
  • Representing of the Creditor on creditors meetings.
  • Representing of the Creditor interests in Debtors committee of Creditors.
  • Protection of the Creditor demands.

Representing and protection of Debtors interests as part of process of economic insolvency (bankruptcy).

  • Preparation of response to the claim on juridical punishment of Debtor's officials.
  • Preparation of the statement of defence to Creditors reviews on the Debtor's bankruptcy.
  • Appeal the actions of the court-appointed manager.


  • Adjustment of disputes (conflicts) between interested persons.