Round-table meeting: „Engagement and use of foreign labour in Kaluga region”.

Round-table meeting: „Engagement and use of foreign labour in Kaluga region.
On the 28th of February, 2012 the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Personnel Policy of Kaluga region held a round-table meeting, on a topic “Engagement and use of foreign labour in Kaluga region”, in the building of Government house of Kaluga region. Representatives of 107 enterprises that use foreign labour,  and specialists of LLC “Atri Group KLG” took part in the meeting. 

In the course of the meeting the General director of LLC “Atri Group KLG”, G. Karnafel,  delivered information about legal support of the employers who use foreign labour, told the participants about “migration audit” as a form of analysis of work of an enterprise concerning the compliance with migration legislation in the area of attraction of foreign labour and answered the questions that the participants were interested in.

As the legislation of the Russian Federation in the area of migration and labour law is quite complicated, and strict penalties are stipulated for the breach of its norms, currently the given area of activity is much sought-after among the clients of the company.