The changes in the order of submitting notifications by the employers or customers to the executive authorities of Moscow who is in charge of employment of population.

In accordance with the order of Moscow Labor and Employment Department from 04.12.2013 "On the redistribution of activities between the State public institution Employment center and State public institution "Moscow center
of labor exchange" from January 9, 2014 the notifications of conclusion, termination of employment (civil) contracts on the execution of works (services) with foreign nationals, as well as granting them a leave without pay on the period
of more than one calendar month during the year should be submitted to the State Governmental institution in the city Moscow "Moscow center of labor exchange" (State public institution «Moscow center of labor exchange»).

Responsibility for non-notification.

The imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of five thousand to seven thousand rubles;
on officials - from thirty-five to seventy thousand rubles;
for legal entities - from four hundred thousand to one million rubles or an administrative suspension of activity for a period of fourteen to ninety days.