For the attention of the employers

For the attention of the employers who are fixing quotas for foreign workers!!!

We hereby bring to your attention that starting from January, 11 to May,1 began accepting applications of employers providing in 2012 to attract foreign worker, and applications for adjustment of quotas in 2011.


In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 22, 2006 № 783


«About the order of definition by the executive bodies of the state authority the needs for engagement of the foreign workers and formation of quotas for realization of labour activity by the foreign citizens in the Russian Federation»


employers annually from 1st of January till 1st of May represent the application about manpower needs for replacement of vacant and created workplaces by the foreign workers in forthcoming year,


2012 to the authorized bodies of the Russian Federation and applications for adjustment of quotas in 2011.


Receipt of applications is performed by the State agency in Moscow "Moscow Center of the employment exchange".  


We ask you till the end of January to fill and send (for a review and adjustment) the attached application form by an e-mail to your supervisor according to your wishes for 2011 (adjustment  of quota) and 2012 (the new quota).


Please note that the specified positions shall comply with National Classification of posts.