About Us

A3 Group provides a wide range of services on corporate law issues for national and international clients doing business in Russia. Our clients are engaged in various activities - from banking to steel production, from information technology to agriculture.

We advocate a complete and comprehensive approach of doing business.

A3 Group provides services in the field of developing corporate strategies concerning the foundation and expanding the business of the customers, resolving corporate disputes, foundation of the joint ventures and realization of foreign direct investments, obtaining the permits and licenses for business activity in Russia.

 Lawyers of A3 Group represent the corporate interests in various public bodies, including bodies that regulate monopolistic activities, activities in the field of securities, tax authorities and other government bodies of Russia.

A3 Group provides services related to various aspects of labor law, which are in direct contact with the corporate relationships, including: development of contractual relationships with the top managers of the companies, organizational system of human resources documentation, obtaining permits, labor dispute resolution.

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